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Guidelines for Reviewers

Q. When will I receive articles to review?
A. You will receive the articles on Monday, September 12 (late in the evening, EST).

Q. When are the reviews due?
A. The reviews are due on Saturday, September 17, at midnight (EST).

Q. How many reviewers will be reviewing the articles?
A. There are (at least) three reviewers for each of the topics. Every single article will be evaluated by each of the reviewers for a specific topic. Reviewers cannot review or score their own articles.

Q. How will articles be critiqued and selected for feature placement?
A. Reviewers will use a 1 to 10 (10 = best) scale for each of the following criteria (that are defining an excellent article), suggested by Jeneane Sessum:
  1. fresh/current, or topical (not yet another "blogging is good" article). Articles must be original; please check if the article has been published online elsewhere. If it was, please contact the author, and CC Constantin Basturea (cbasturea at and John Cass (jcass at
  2. enlightening/educational (brings something new)
  3. engaging (or even entertaining) and well written
  4. proper use of attributions (sources, credits)
  5. balance and fairness (no hype, no badmouthing, disclosure of conflicts of interests). Please check that the author has disclosed all conflicts of interests (e.g. by googling for author's name and the name of companies featured in the article) that he or she might have. In case you find one, please contact the author, and CC Constantin Basturea (cbasturea at and John Cass (jcass at

An article can get a maximum of 50 points from one reviewer. The scores from all the reviewers are added, then divided by the number of reviewers; that's the total medium score, representing the final score.

Articles with scores over 35 (i.e., 36 to 50) will receive featured placement. An article will be posted in the Insights Cafe section if:
  • Any reviewer gives the article less then 5 points (i.e., 1-4), on at least one criterion, OR
  • The final score of the article is less than 35 (i.e., 1-35).

Q. How does the review process work?
  • Send an e-mail with the final score for each article to:
  • For each article reviewed, include the scores for each of the 5 criteria. How the report should look like:
    John Doe (author)
    PR is dead, take 2 (article's title)
    Scores, by criterion (write down ONLY the scores, but keep criteria in this order):
    1. 40 (fresh/current, or topical)
    2. 49 (enlightening/educational)
    3. 37 (engaging/entertaining/well written)
    4. 50 (proper use of attributions - sources, credits)
    5. 50 (balance and fairness)
  • Constantin & John will calculate the final score for each article, then post on the discussions list what articles are going to receive featured placement and what articles will be posted on Insights Cafe. No scores will be posted. Deadline: Sunday, September 18, at 5 pm, EST (midnight, GMT/UTC).
  • Each author can receive (by request) the final score for his/her article (but not the detailed scores from individual reviewers).


Bugs? E-mail Constantin.
Hugs? E-mail Jeneane.


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