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John Cass:

Constantin tells me we are between wordpress and the Brygtht platform. Constantin is researching the different possibilities but will select a blog management platform for the conference that meets the needs of the community. The editor subcommittee will probably be most concerned about which blogging platform we use.
  • here's a detailed response: BlogHosting - Profiles/\{\{ConstantinBasturea?}}

On the spokesperson issue, Constantin had some comments (see below). I suggest that the PR committee put a note on the wiki or any press releases that those people who are contributing are the people to contact about the organization of the event.



Would you like to be the spokesperson for the conference?

I'm honored by the thought, but I would have to refuse. In fact, I don't think we should have a spokesperson. As I said, this is an event where we're coming together as a community, and we're among peers here. Having a spokesperson will confer a privileged status to one of us, and this is not helping anyone... As you know, our small PR blogging community is very diverse, and there are differences of opinions on a number of issues.

Besides, the idea of a spokesperson is so anti-blogging :) "Speaking with a unified voice" and "staying on message" is not exactly what the diversity of voices and nuances enabled by blogging is about! :) - Profiles/\{\{ConstantinBasturea?}}


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